Mahan System Passargad Javan

At Mahan system We specialized in manufacturing different types network and server racks any types of cabinet and metal containers used in Telecommunication, IT, Medical, automotive industry. Moreover, we provide our customers with sheet metal forming services such as: C.N.C Punch. C.N.C Bending, Laser Cutting, and electrostatic powder coating services.

By Combining 25 years of experience, Technology, and professional personnel in order to balance cost and quality effectively We are trying to gaining customer satisfaction and increase our share in relevant domestic and international markets by producing high quality goods delivered on-time.

Our mission is to rise our current status as a sheet metal manufacturer in domestic and market and our consistent attendance to ELECOMP and TELECOMP Fairs in Iran and GITEX 2011 & 2017 are the prove of our effort to accomplish that mission.

Currently our outlook is to become internationally recognized I.T and telecommunication enclosure manufacturer after our 25 years of experience in providing network enclosures. In that regard we organized our R&D, Designing, and Manufacturing teams efforts to design and manufacture our latest product namely ACE RACK series which are Datacenter ready racks with distinct proprietary design.

We are also providing our services to meet customers demands active in architecture, civil engineering, urban design for production of metal decorative elements which are used for decorating interior and exterior of commercial and residential buildings, public spaces, Parks and other outdoor spaces.

Some Of Our Past Projects