On-Rack (3 – 35kW)

Product Description

+ 88% saving in power input an OnRak™ with EC fan and an EER of 144.7
+ EER 114.45 (n); 183.02 (n+1). n+1 fan configuration for increased efficiency and
+ Over 50% saving in energy when integrated with a free-cooling chiller
+ Efficient rear door heat exchange with 200mm footprint
+ Two configurations: (n) 35kW cooling (100% air volume); optional (n+1) 30kW cooling (75% air volume)
+ Designed to fit 42U racks (47U option)
+ Supplied with integrated rack or adapted to fit a customer specific rack, with simple connections
+ Pressure differential management – maintaining pressure in the rear of the rack within the server design envelope
+ Flexible water connections maintain cooling when door is open
+ Hot swappable fan management
+ Water detection and automatic isolation
+ Self-regulating constant fl ow control eases commissioning
+ High efficiency aluminum fin heat exchange with integral coil guard

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